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Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany Talks 'Shocking' Golden Globe Nomination, Previews Season 2

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Orphan Black chameleon Tatiana Maslany can add another amazing descriptive to her impressive breakout year: Golden Globe Award nominee.

After wowing audiences with her multiple performances in BBC America’s clone thriller, the actress has been honored alongside veteran talent like The Good Wife‘s Julianna Margulies and House of Cards‘ Robin Wright.

Below, Maslany reveals why she’s “baffled” by the nomination and previews the surprises, new faces and doppelgangers in store in Orphan Black‘s upcoming second season.

TVLINE | Congrats on the well-deserved nomination!
Thank you so much!

TVLINE | How did you find out the news this morning?
My phone just started blooping a lot. I saw it on Twitter before I found out any other way. Then a few of my friends were texting me.

TVLINE | What was your reaction?
Total shock, to be honest with you. I didn’t remember that the Globes were being announced today, didn’t even think that it was a possibility. Yeah, it was really shocking. But awesome, exciting.

TVLINE | Coming from a show that started under the radar, what does the nomination mean for you?
It’s incredible. It’s a huge, huge, huge honor for me. The women in my category, I’m in total awe of them. I just feel really honored. Baffled and honored.

TVLINE | How are you going to celebrate today? Do you have any special plans, or are you hard at work?
Yeah, I’m going to go to set and I’m going to eat a muffin or something. [Laughs] I have a coffee here right now, so that’ll be my celebration.

TVLINE | How is production going on Season 2?
It’s good. It’s really good. Episode 7 starts shooting tomorrow, so we’re almost done. We’re on hiatus soon. It’s been really crazy, but the storylines this year are awesome. We have incredible guest stars coming on and incredible recurring actors. It’s a really exciting season.

TVLINE | What’s the biggest difference for the show in Season 2 in terms of the storylines?
More intense. The worlds are more fleshed out. You get to see a lot of characters that exist within the different clones’ universes. Those worlds are elaborated on. We get to know them better based on the people they’re around and based on the kind of things that are going on in their life. It’s deeper and more involved.

TVLINE | Sarah was left in a really difficult position at the end of last season – she lost Kira, Mrs. S might be a traitor. How is she dealing in the aftermath?
She’s on the run again, obviously, trying to find Kira and will stop at nothing to do that. We saw that at the beginning of Season 1, as well, but Sarah’s definitely in a different place and has lived through a lot more. The things that she was kind of sure about last year are totally up for grabs now. There’s no certainty. We don’t know who’s on her side. We don’t know whose side she’s on. She’s quite alone in this fight and in this search. She’s changed a lot. She’s shifted as a person.

TVLINE | Are we going to find out where Paul went? He just disappeared out of that elevator.
[Laughs] Oh, Paul. I will say he’s back, for sure. He’s got some surprises up his sleeve.

TVLINE | And how are Cosima and Alison faring?
We left them in pretty intense situations, as well — Alison neck-deep in denial, so she’s happy. And Cosima’s facing her mortality. We left on such a high, intense note last year. The writers did an amazing job this year of keeping that intensity going and finding the peaks and valleys in it.

TVLINE | We got a little taste of Rachel at the end of last season. Are there more new clones to come?
It’s a clone show, isn’t it? [Creators] John Fawcett and Graeme Manson are always excited to throw new people in the mix. I won’t say too much about that, but I will say it’s clone show. Anything could happen.

TVLINE | What’s surprised you the most about Rachel as you’ve been getting to play her more?
Just the different layers to her. I got to play with her a little last year, but this year, we’ve really fleshed her out and really given her a lot to contend with, a lot to deal with, and get to know her, personally, a bit more. That’s really exciting. She’s a really mysterious and fascinating character. I’m excited to play somebody like that. I don’t often get to play women like that.

TVLINE | You mentioned new faces coming in. You have Patrick J. Adams, you have Michiel Huisman (Nashville).
They’re awesome guys. Such amazing actors. I can’t say too much about how they fit into the story. We’re just so excited to have people like that on our show who want to come to play with us and up all of our games and elevate the show.
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