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Amber Portwood: Prison ‘Gave Me A Second Chance At Being A Mother’

The ‘Teen Mom’ star is ready take motherhood by the horns and ‘never leave’ her daughter’s side again. After the 17-month jail stint she says ‘changed her life,’ Amber is taking her ‘second chance’ to be a force in her 5-year old daughter Leah’s life.

Amber Portwood‘s prison stint has proven to be an unexpectedly positive experience. After serving 17 months behind bars, the reality star is ready to be called “mom” again after working hard to sober up and kick her demons for good — because she finally cares about the consequences. Amber revealed in a new interview that even her “lowest points” have surprisingly helped her become a better mom to her daughter, Leah Shirley.

Amber Portwood: Prison Gave Me A Second Chance To Be A Good Mom To Leah

Amber is clean, sober and back in Leah’s life — all thanks to prison. “Prison saved my life — and gave me a second chance at being a mother,” she revealed in a candid new interview with InTouch.

There’s no doubt Amber’s ready to regain her mom status. After sobering up and kicking her prescription pill addiction, the 23-year old is leaving her past behind her. “Before prison, I never thought about Leah,” she admitted. “I was addicted to drugs and didn’t care about anything else.”

The Indiana native is ready to take care of her daughter — and she’s more determined than ever. Amber promised Leah she would never leave her side again. “When I promised her that, I could see relief all over her face,” she explained to InTouch. “That’s when my life with her began again.”

Amber Portwood Credits Daughter Leah For Early Jail Release

Amber’s second chance at motherhood came sooner than expected. The reality star’s determination to leave prison for good was her daughter Leah, as she didn’t want to miss any more moments with the precious 5-year old. Amber’s brother, Shawn Portwood, revealed Leah was her inspiration to leave jail. “She never wants to be in a position where she won’t be there for Leah again,” he previously told InTouch.

Amber is planning to get joint-custody of Leah with her ex Gary Shirley — and make up for lost time.

What do YOU think HollyMoms? Are you happy Amber and Leah are reunited? Do you think she should have joint-custody?


You think she will follow through?
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