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This is a Degrassi Post: Jimmy & Ellie Together Again!

Sometimes, I totally forget how hard I stanned for "Degrassi: The Next Generation" back in the day. (No joke, I literally maintained friendships with people in seventh grade purely based on the fact that they had digital cable access to The N.) Although Drake has pretty effectively recast himself as one of the rap game's top artists, every now and then I remember that he's also Jimmy -- JIMMEEEEEEE! -- and I flip.

Take, for example, this photo up top of Drake with his former "Degrassi: TNG" costar, Stacey "Ellie Nash" Farber, which @ChampagnePapi posted on Instagram over the weekend. So OK, I'm OBVIOUSLY gonna need a huge #LatePass on this one, but can you blame me? Jimmy and Ellie -- JELLIEEEEEE! -- out together at what looks to be a bar? C'mon, this is basically rewriting "Degrassi" canon!!

Remember they had that flirtation in, like, their senior year that never came to fruition? Then, Ashley came back into the picture, and Ellie departed the series in the arms of Craig -- CRAYYYYYYYG! -- at the end of the Hollywood movie. Or something? IDK, I stopped watching around season 5. I think Toby might've gotten some character development in the middle? And, I think J.T. died at some point because #Lakehurst? Sorry, I mean SPOILER ALERT.

In any case, seeing the two young artists together brings, like, all the teenage tears to my eyes for so many reasons -- not the least of which is that the "Hold On, We're Going Home" crooner has FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGED BEING ON "DEGRASSI." BRB, dying happy.

Source: MTV.

So, it's been almost 10 years since the O.G. Degrassi:TNG cast graduated (well, in actual human years, not Degrassi years). It's just about time for a Class of '05 reunion, eh?

Tags: degrassi (netflix), nostalgia, television - mtv

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