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Glee's Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner Reveal Wedding Plans

It's finally official—Glee costars Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner have confirmed their real-life engagement.

It was first reported in July that the two were engaged, but they've never publicly acknowledged their upcoming nuptials—until now, that is.

I caught up with the absolutely adorable couple at yesterday's TrevorLive benefit for the Trevor Project at the Hollywood Palladium.

They said they've haven't started planning for their big day yet. "We've been so busy with work," Jenner said. "We're just excited that it's happening. We're just focusing on work right now so whenever that happens…"

And so are we.

What should we expect when they say theis I-dos? "Small and intimate and nice," Benoist said.

For now, they're looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the holidays, especially with Jenner's baby nephew. "I'm really excited to get to see him a lot for two weeks," Jenner said. "That's going to be awesome."

Benoist said she's hoping Santa brings her another dog (they already have two) while Jenner is wishing for a…mini fridge!

"I've always had this obsessions with mini fridges," he said.

Um, OK.

Jenner, 21, joined Glee after competing on The Glee Project in 2012. Benoist signed on to the show that same year after five auditions that started in NYC.

Jenner, who plays Ryder Lynn, confirmed he and Benoist, who plays Marley Rose, were dating during a fan chat with ET Canada in May.

"Yeah, I have a romance going on," he admitted. When asked if he was dating Benoist, Jenner tweeted, "Yes I am!!!"

TrevorLive honored Jenner and Benoist's Glee costar Jane Lynch with this year's Trevor Hero Award. Lynch was serenaded by much of the show's cast with a moving rendition of "Smile."

Check out the video (at the source) to see just how friggin' cute Jenner and Benoist are.

do you think the marriage is really going to happen lol

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