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Bodyguard: Lindsay Lohan Had Nothing to do With Hilton Beatdown!

A bodyguard hired to look after troubled actress Lindsay Lohan while she visited Miami Beach for Art Basel told Gossip Extra she had nothing to do with the fracas at the Star Island mansion she rented for the weekend.

Miami Beach cops have been trying to track down the starlet to interview her about an incident that occurred at the house Friday morning, but she’s nowhere to be found.

Barron Hilton, the 24-year-old brother of socialites Paris and Nicky Hilton, was decked by someone on the property and filed a police complaint alleging that Lohan orchestrated the assault.

From what well-known local bodyguard Mike “Big Mike” Blume says, however, not only did Hilton have it coming, Lohan had nothing to do with it.

“I was standing off to the side with Ms. Lohan when I heard a big thud and the next thing I knew, that Hilton kid’s face was all bloodied,” Blume said. “We were getting Ms. Lohan to her SUV to take her off the property. She didn’t like what was happening there and she wanted to leave.”

Blume says he and three colleagues were asked by Lohan’s equally troubled dad Michael to drive to the 8-bedroom, $17 million-mansion at 27 Star Island Drive and look after the actress of Mean Girls.

She wanted to get rid of unwanted guests, Blume said.

Apparently, a party kicked off with about 100 people Thursday night, and by 10 a.m. Friday, more than 20 of them were still drinking and carrying on, and refusing to leave.

Besides the boozing, Gossip Extra has learned that there was plenty of drugs being passed around, which apparently spooked recovering addict Lohan.

“It was a mess when we got there,” Blume said. “There was still a lot of drinking going on. There were half-naked women, drag queens carrying on and people passed out all over the place.

“We got to a point that Lindsay pointed at people, saying this guy needs to go, this guy can stay.

“Everybody we kicked out was very cooperative, except for Mr. Hilton. He was very belligerent from the get go, and didn’t think he should be kicked out. Obviously, he had a few too many to drink.”

In time, Hilton was decked by one of the guests as he walked out the front door. When he came to, he accused LiLo of setting up the attack.

“Mr. Hilton was going on and on about how he was going to call his lawyer and go after Ms. Lohan because she had somebody attack him,” Big Mike said.

Eventually, the bodyguards drove Lohan to The Shore Club hotel. Big Mike says he has no idea where she is now.

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