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4th 'Beverly Hills Cop' Movie Fast Tracked By Paramount Pictures, Director Brett Ratner To Direct

Plans for a Beverly Hills Cop TV series failed after CBS passed on the idea earlier this year, despite word that the pilot tested so well, that it has caused Paramount to put another Beverly Hills Cop movie into development.

News of a 4th BHC movie were first confirmed in July, when it was announced that Eddie Murphy would reprise his role as Axel Foley.

And it now looks like the film is being fast-tracked by Paramount Pictures, in a new 3-year deal the studio signed with super producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 will be the first project made under this new deal, which brings both Bruckheimer and Paramount together again (they launched the franchise together, along with Bruckheimer's late partner Don Simpson, back in the 1980s).

It's also being reported that Brett Ratner is now attached to direct the 4th film. He last directed Eddie in 2011's Tower Heist.

The story for the 4th film will see Foley returning to Detroit (maybe in a move to help stimulate the economy in that ailing city, and I won't be surprised if the decay is worked into the storyline some how).

And speaking of reboots of Bruckheimer-Simpson-Paramount 1980s hit movies, also under this new deal, the long-in-the-works Top Gun sequel, with Tom Cruise back to star, is also on the table.


Still can't believe CBS passed on a pilot that tested well. Anyhoo, I need to rewatch this series. it used to be my crack back in the but, I can't remember anything about it other than Eddie Murphy is annoying.
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