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Natasha Romanov

Aron Ralston, subject of the film 127 hours, arrested for assault

Aron Ralston, the hiker who cut off his forearm in order to free himself after becoming trapped by a dislodged boulder, was arrested by Denver Police for domestic violence.

Ralston, 38, was arrested Saturday night and is being held in the Denver City jail facing one count of assault and one count of wrongs to minors.


Police arrested Ralston, whose harrowing experience trapped in a southeast Utah canyon was made into the 2010 movie, "127 Hours," at 642 Corona St., according to a Denver County Court document.

Denver property records list the owner the single-family residence as Vita Shannon, 38. Police arrested Shannon at the same time and address as Ralston, and she faces the same charges as those filed against Ralston.

In April 2003, Ralston was descending a slot canyon when a boulder he was climbing on became dislodged, crushing, and trapping, his right hand against the canyon wall.

After five days, he broke his radius and ulna bones and amputated the limb with a small knife included on his multitool.

He is scheduled for a hearing at 1 p.m. in Denver County Court on Monday.


This really upsets me. The film was so beautiful and inspirational.
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