Queen of Pop Mini Roundup



Lady Gaga is gaga for ganja, and she's not afraid to say it.

During a recent interview on Alan Carr's The Chatty Man show, the Mother Monster opened up about her love of marijuana and shared why she's so fond of the substance, less than a month after revealing she was smoking 15 joints a day in the wake of her hip injury last year.

"The thing that I fell in love with about it is that I completely forget that I'm famous. I totally forget about it all," the 27-year-old superstar says of smoking weed (as reported by theDaily Mail). "I take a puff and I'm me when I was 17 again in my white gogo boots looking for a job and there's something quite creative and liberating about that."

The "Dope" singer opted to don a plastic corset with an iPad built into the bodice as well as a layered tulle skirt for her appearance on the show, which took place on Wednesday, Dec. 4, but is set to air today.

Meanwhile, the musician stepped out of her hotel in London on Friday, Dec. 6 in yet another one of her eccentric ensembles to perform at an exclusive private members club in Mayfair.

Lady G rocked a colorful look inspired by Pablo Picasso's famous "Girl Before a Mirror" painting, which saw the singer sporting yellow shoes, a pink skirt, fishnet tights, a black fedora and wig, as well as wild makeup and a sweater that paid tribute to the famous artist, wearing thick black eyeliner around her left eye to make it appear as if her vision was slightly impaired.

Of course, the crazy getup is nothing new for Gaga, who previously got candid about her cannabis use in an interview with U.K. magazine Attitude.

"I was just numbing, numbing, numbing myself then sleeping it off, then getting on stage, killing it in pain, then getting off and smoking, smoking, smoking, not knowing what the pain was. F--k if I know what hurts the most, you know? I would break the habit and it would sneak back in and I would break it and sneak back in," the performer, who suffered a labral tear of her right hip due to a show injury last February, shared.

After her life became a painful cycle of sleeping, singing and smoking, the singer turned to her friend Marina Abramović, a performance artist who helped her curb her addiction in the woods.

"Marina said, 'OK, you're coming to my house—no television, no computer, no marijuana, no nothing, no food. For three days, art only. You eat only art,'" the singer-songwriter explained. "Now I smoke a little bit at night just, you know, for fun. But not to cope—that's the difference. I'm the soberest I've ever been in the past five years."

ONTD, Whats your relationship with marijuana?