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Young Ila (Mini-Emma Watson) Revealed in Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah'

Recently, newcomer actress Skylar Burke posted to her personal IMDb page and Twitter account the first costume photo of her in Noah as the younger version of Emma Watson's character Ila. In the early draft of the script, Noah and his family discover a wounded Ila as a child and adopt her as their daughter.

BZDlAT8IIAAU6eh.jpg large

Her Official Head Shot:


She also took to tweeting Emma:

Additionally, a few more young actors who played younger incarnations have surfaced.

It was first announced in 2012 that Dakota Goyo would play young Noah (mini-Russell Crowe) although no official film stills have shown up yet.

Official Head Shot:


Although a fresh set photo was posted of Nolan Gross who played young Ham (mini-Logan Lerman) and Gavin Casalegno who played young Shem (mini-Douglas Booth) along with Burke:

Full Size

Official Head Shots:



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And a link to the script
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