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Ian Harding, Evanna Lynch, Carol Kane Starring in ‘Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale’

Production began this week in NYC


“Pretty Little Liars” star Ian Harding, “Harry Potter” thesp Evanna Lynch and Carol Kane are starring in indie crime thriller “Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale,” which has started shooting in New York this week.

Tate Steinsiek is making his directorial feature debut, helming from a script by Jason Noto. Brendan Sexton III, Leo Fitzpatrick, Chaske Spencer (“Twilight Saga”), Polly Draper and Ray Santiago also star.

Producers are Ash Christian, Jordan Yale Levine and Max Bornstein for Ironclad Pictures.

Harding will play a family man [Max Bornstein] who was a full-time dope fiend working within the underground porn biz in 1968 New York City, running books and films to delivery points and mob headquarters around the East Coast while trying keeping his family in the dark. [Lynch will play his pregnant wife.]

Steinsiek established Ill Willed Productions in 2001. It provides special effects makeup and prosthetic application and fabrication to the film and television industry.

The production is scheduled for an 18-day shoot.

Evanna took to her Twitter earlier that she was leaving for Brooklyn, New York:


Director Tate Steinseik also tweeted earlier this week:

Additionally, someone who is working on the set of the film had this to say:

On Monday I was a feature for the movie Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale and now I booked another role for a music video tomorrow. As well, I will be working on set for Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale, again. Oh and what is very exciting about the movie is that the lead roles are played by Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter and Ian Harding from Pretty Little Liars!

+ First Set Pic


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