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Katie Lowes Teases Huckleberry Quinn's Torturous Episode and the World's Most Awkward Lick

Forget the glasses, just pop a straw into your favorite bottle of vino because tonight is the beginning of the epic two-episode midseason finale and it's about to get all kids of crazy for one particular OPA team member. When we last saw Quinn (Katie Lowes), our darling double agent, she walked into her apartment to find Huck (Guillermo Diaz), a tarp and his trusty toolbox ready to ask her about her B613. And by ask, we mean torture the crap outta her!

To get you pumped up for tonight's sure-to-be mind-blowing episode of Scandal, we just got off the phone with Katie Lowes and she promised us that this is one hour of television that you most certainly cannot miss. From Quinn's dabble in the dark side to the highly anticipated (and extremely awkward!) lick to the face, read on for all the exclusive (and scandalous!) details…

What can you tease about tonight's all new episode "YOLO"?

Katie Lowes: Well, Quinn has got gotten herself in a real pickle, but I mean come on, she hasn't done anything! I'm sure you've seen the promo for tonight, which shows Huck's nice and long lick onto Quinn's face. All I can say is that nothing is as it seems and what's great about this show is that everything you think is going to happen is not what happens. So I'm just so excited to read my Twitter feed tonight, I just can't even tell you.

What was it like filming that particular scene with Guillermo Diaz and how many licks did you have to endure?
[Laughs] How many licks does it take to get to the center of Quinn Perkins, you mean? A lot. You know, what's amazing is that Guillermo and I are actually incredibly close friends in real life, but it was still pretty crazy and intense especially when we're talking about when he licks her face. We kind of really had to leave our friendship at the door in order to go to the places that we go in tonight's episode. But in between takes of that licking thing Guillermo was just constantly asking, "Are you OK? Are you OK? You're good? OK, good."

We've seen what Quinn is like from the outside of torturous saran wrap, but what is she like underneath?
It's really scary because as we've seen a lot in this series, Quinn has had a lot of really bad things happen to her. She's been to jail, she has lost many a boyfriend, she's ripped scissors out of a guy she was dating's neck, so she's definitely not a stranger to the drama of it all. But I would have to say that Huck is family to her and Olivia Pope is family to her and she is nothing without them and it starts to come into play tonight that there is conflict between Huckleberry Quinn that may or may not be able to ever be resolved. That may be the worst place in Quinn's heart and mind that she could possibly be.

Do you feel like Quinn is going to be forever changed after this episode? Will there be any long-term repercussions?
Yes. Yes, she's definitely forever changed. All I can tell you is that when I got this script I didn't sleep for three and a half weeks. I've never been so challenged and pushed to limits that I've never been pushed to before as an actress.

With Olivia's mother returning to her life, what does this mean for the Gladiators?
Well, I think it means a whole hell of a lot. We deal with conflict and we deal with scandals all the time. We've dealt with scandals with Olivia's personal life and we've kind of become an old hat at that, but to be dealing with her family is a whole other level. It's a new piece of the onion that we are peeling back as to who Olivia Pope is, her history, what her backstory is, and it brings her relationship with Oliva Pope and Associates and all the people who work there to a whole new level because we have to see this vulnerable side of Olivia.

Where does tonight's episode rank on the scale of Scandal's most shocking episode?

Literally yesterday when I watched it I was shaking and I could barely sleep last night. I think if it's a one to ten scale, this is definitely the ten. Tonight and next week's episodes are a two-part winter finale. You'll see that for the past eight episodes we have been laying down the track of the train and tonight's episode is where the train completely goes off the tracks.

NOOOO @ this being a fucking two-parter. Scandal cliffhangers are the worstttt.
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