Kris Jenner Furious At Daisy Lowe For Stealing Harry Styles Away From Kendall Jenner

Just weeks after Harry Styles was spotted on a date with Kendall Jenner, he’s already being linked to another woman. According to reports from UK tabloids, Harry and Daisy Lowe are beginning to date. Daisy’s an upgrade from the Kardashian sister, definitely, but you can bet that Kris Jenner is furious at this latest development.

After all, she managed to land the biggest and most age-appropriate celebrity in the music world for Kendall, furthering her master plan to turn Kendall into Kim Kardashian 2.0.

It was through her machinations and interference that Kim and Kanye West first got together, and since she’s slowly grooming Kendall to take over for Kim, it makes sense that she would want Kendall to end up with someone of equal stature. And Harry Styles definitely fit the bill, which Kris didn’t waste any time telling the world about. It would hardly be surprising to find out that the paparazzi were called and set up by the Kardashians, just in time for Harry’s and Kendall’s exit from their ‘date’. After all, it landed Kendall a gig presenting an award at the AMA Awards, and continued to cement her place in pop culture.

Alas, Harry seems to have realized that dating a Kardashian family member is not the best idea for either his privacy or his image, and he’s backed off. Much to Kris’s chagrin, he’s upgraded to Daisy Lowe, who is far better suited to both his status and sensibilities – and she won’t call the paps on him.

idk i just thought this was funny

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