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Today's Non Surprising Taylor Swift News

Taylor Swift New Boyfriend 2013: Singer Dating Actor Douglas Booth; Trying to Make Harry Styles Jealous?

She may have been singing about her Love Story for quite a while, but 23-year-old multi-awarded country star Taylor Swift may have finally found her true-to-life Romeo in the form of Hollywood hottie and Romeo and Juliet star, Douglas Booth.

It is not all hearts and roses, however, as Swift may have been flaunting her new beau to make ex-boyfriend, One Direction crooner Harry Styles, jealous.

According to a source for HollywoodLife, "Taylor's date with Douglas was all about making Harry jealous, and she made sure that everyone found out about her night out. Taylor usually tries to be really low-profile, but for her meeting with Douglas she purposely chose somewhere that she knew would get attention.

"She went to one of busiest pubs in London and sat in the public area. She wanted the news to get out about the date because she knows it will make Harry jealous. Plus she doesn't want Harry - or anyone else for that matter - to think she's sitting home waiting for him. And she isn't moping - she has lots of options, and Douglas is one of them. She's testing things out with Douglas, because he's gorgeous and a fun distraction."

While it seems very unlike her, this report is not as far-fetched as depicted. Notably, while on their date in back in November, the usually low-profile star went out of her way to make sure that she and Booth are seen together in one of the busy pubs of London. But who could blame her, though? If it were you, you wouldn't want to mope over a breakup for too long, either.

Taylor seems to be testing the waters with several good-looking bachelors since her breakup with Styles. From co-star Brenton Thwaites and now, Booth. While some say that this could be her form of mending a broken heart, it is worth noting that the One Direction lad has seemingly moved on from Swift. After reportedly dating a model, Beauty World News reports that he has moved on with Kardashian sibling, eighteen-year-old Kendall Jenner.

If her relationship with Douglas is the real deal though, the actor is stepping in the shoes of a slew of TayTay's many famous boyfriends that include Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and John Mayer.
Mirror Uk reports that Douglas Booth also starred in BBC's adaptation of Charles Dickens novel," Great Expectations", and will appear in upcoming film "Noah."


If you were Taylor would you get on this nobody's dick?
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