1D Reveal Who The 'Daddy' Of The Group Is

Liam Payne has earned himself the role of daddy of One Direction?

Find out more about why Liam is the most sensible of the 1D guys in these new exclusive clips from the This Is Us DVD.

One Direction HQ released the clips today, and in one, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall dish on how Liam is like a father figure in the group.

You even get to see Liam in action, as he definitely takes on the leadership role of the boys.

It's interesting to hear that Liam and Louis didn't really get along at first ("at each others' throats" on the X Factor, Louis says!)--and in the second clip, you may get a better understanding of why Liam says he "wanted to whack" Louis!

Louis is known to have a good time at all times, and we imagine that could have caused Liam to bristle just a bit, since he's pretty serious about getting down to business.

In the end, of course, they've come to understand each other and Liam has even loosened up a bit as Zayn explains, "we've corrupted him."

He's still sensible though--nobody's gonna take that away from him!

Bow at Sony for keeping away the DVD rip from the pirates.