She's just like us!!1! OR IS SHE?

It would be easy to call this the year of Jennifer Lawrence if last year hadn’t already earned that distinction. Perhaps it’s just easier to say we’re in the age of Jennifer Lawrence — a multi-year period in which the young actress holds the entertainment journalism industrial complex in the palm of her hand. Loving Jennifer Lawrence is a four-quadrant thing right now, but what's striking is how much of this month's smash hit The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is devoted to warning viewers about trusting anything the media serves up as “genuine.” When Lionsgate won the bidding war for rights to “the next Twilight” back in 2009, they had no idea how much the plot of Catching Fire would be a case of art reflecting life.

Lawrence is currently experiencing an America's Sweetheart status that seems to predate these cynical, media-savvy times. (Though Julia Roberts, a former holder of the title who is knowledgeable of what expectations it holds, took pains last week to distance Lawrence from the “America’s Sweetheart” curse, saying simply that the young actress was “too cool” for it.) With every stop on the Catching Fire press tour, she has wormed her way even deeper into the nation’s collective heart. Did you see her fumbling with and subsequently spilling breath mints in Madrid, resulting in a double-take that would make Buster Keaton envious? Or zetzing Jon Stewart because he hadn't done any research for their interview? Surely you heard her discuss soiling herself with David Letterman? There’s a straightforwardness about her that seems lacking in almost every other star of her generation, or those adjacent. Can she really be this good? Are we witnessing genuine J.Law or is it just an act? And if so, does it even matter?

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