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Tumblr's most reblogged celebrities of 2013


Tumblr has joined in on the end of the Year lists release with a special blog titled Year in Review where they've collected numerous lists connected to all things popular on the site (the Top 2013 animal post is a time sucker in the best possible way).

Introducing Tumblr’s 2013 Year in Review, celebrating the best of the Internet
We’ve analyzed millions of blogs, billions of posts, and zillions of notes in order to give you a taste of all the amazing stuff you may have missed on Tumblr this year.
Follow as we release new post categories daily through the end of December!

Behind the cut you can find their Top 20 most reblogged celebrities in 2 categories: Actors and Actresses; and their Top 10 for Bands & Groups and Solo Artists [full lists at the source].

Top 20 according to Tumblr usersCollapse )

Source pictures: x, x, x, x

Source lists: Official Tumlr blog presenting the Year in Review blog, Bands & Groups, Solo Artists, Actresses, Actors
Mods, the source is Tumblr as they provide the statistics
Tags: amy poehler, anna kendrick, anne hathaway, benedict cumberbatch, beyoncé, chris pine, cory monteith, darren criss, david tennant, demi lovato, dylan o'brien, ellen degeneres, emma stone, emma watson, jared padalecki, jennifer lawrence, jensen ackles, justin bieber, kardashian / jenner, kristen stewart, lady gaga, lana del rey, lea michele, leonardo dicaprio, logan lerman, martin freeman, matt smith, miley cyrus, misha collins, my chemical romance, naya rivera, nina dobrev, one direction, paramore / hayley williams, pretty little liars (freeform), rihanna, robert downey jr., selena gomez, supernatural (cw), taylor swift, teen wolf (mtv), tom hiddleston, vanessa hudgens

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