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Julia Roberts & Dermot Mulroney On Reuniting & My Best Friend's Wedding + Meryl & Julia Pics!

Julia and Dermot reminisce about "My Best Friend's Wedding"

Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, and Julianne Nicholson (their co-star in August Osage County and Julia's BFF)

Julia and Dermot talk about working with Meryl Streep

August Osage Press Conference Pics

Excerpt from the press conference

Roberts and Mulroney on their friendship:

Roberts: Dermot and I have been friends since “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” We became great pals then, and when he called me that he had gotten a part in this, we squealed like little girls, both of us. We were so excited for each other and to be back together.

Everybody, but in particular Dermot, who, even when he had a day off, would come run lines with me before I went to work at 6:00 in the morning…. It was beautiful to have each other in that way, especially when we’re all away from our families and forging new relationships. It was just nice to have my rock steady there.

Mulroney: I’d start my day with the coffee with Julia, and because I know her and love her, we would whisper in each other’s ears on the set. And then, I’d kiss her goodnight. Can you imagine a day like that?

Roberts: That’s really not going to go well in print. Let’s just get that straight, people! We’ve got two happy marriages here.

Mulroney: On the cheek! On the cheek!

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