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‘Lost Girl' Talk: Exec Producer Emily Andras on “Turn to Stone”

In this week's post-show Q&A, the Emilys talk the return of Tamsin, donuts, boxing ring sex and that way Dark ending.

Emily Gagne, December 1, 2013 11:05:02 PM

I know it just ended, but are you recovered from the game changer that was “Turn to Stone” yet, Faenatics? Dark Bo? Winged Tamsin! Ecoterrorist Lauren! Guilty Kenzi! Our Lost Girl girls surely went through the wringer this round.

The other Emily was out of town this week, but she volunteered to answer my questions about “Turn to Stone” over e-mail. Read the full transcript below and be sure to leave any lingering questions in the comment section below! There’s so much to say about this episode, but first off, yay for the return of Rachel Skarsten! How much fun was it watching her transform into the new Tamsin?

You can rest a little easier now, my tender Tamsin fans. Our favorite Valkyrie is back in her most gorgeous form, reborn with a few new (killer) features we haven’t seen before. I think we can all agree it was awesome to watch Rachel transform into Tamsin 2.0.

I love the girl power across the board in this episode. Lesson learned, for Druids and Fae alike: You simply SHOULD NOT F WITH THE CLUBHOUSE ROOMMATES. I would also like to give it up for Rachel’s stellar comedic timing and the vulnerability she brings to the role. It’s so much fun to ‘reboot’ Tamsin’s character, while still maintaining the utter ruthlessness that made her such a hit in the first place.

Also, don’t you just love the Kenzi-as-Big-Sister thing? I’m digging it.

TVG: How many donuts did she have to eat during that police station scene?
EA: Sooo many. But Rachel was game. I love her, she’s such a trooper. Especially for managing to deliver her lines with a mouthful, all while keeping a straight face.


TVG: What kind of effects did you use to make her wings for the big reveal? Was it all CGI?
EA: It was CGI, done by our amazing effects guys at Keyframe.

We had a lot of discussions about what colour her wings should be, how big, etc. We were somewhat inspired by Tilda Swinton’s look as Gabriel in Constantine. We really wanted to emulate that fallen Angel of Death look. This is very much part of the Valkyrie mythology; the idea that they need wings to collect brave, fallen warriors off the battlefield and deliver them to Valhalla (the traditional Viking afterlife for those deemed worthy).

We didn’t get a chance to showcase the wings last year, so we knew very early on that we wanted our Tamsin to finally show them off. They grow up so fast (sniff, sniff). It seems like only two episodes ago she was a feral 6 year old nipping at Dyson.

TVG: We got a hint of it here, but how much more Tamsin/Dyson are we going to see going forward? It was so sweet to see them switch roles, but I miss the old buddy cop dynamic they had!
EA: The idea of Tamsin ‘getting her wings’ was meant to correlate with girls reaching puberty and going through all sorts of terrifying changes. In the writing room, we thought the funniest person to try to walk Tamsin through it would, of course, be Dyson. I loved how, despite his impatience and discomfort, Dyson was still very warm and ultimately protective of little T. He’s really become a a big brother figure to these girls. Not that they need any protection when the chips are down, as this episode proves.

TVG: On the Dyson topic, let’s talk about shooting that ringside sex scene with Anna and Kris. What a return to form for them both!
EA: Even more remarkable considering this was only Anna’s second full-time episode. She’d had baby Sam a mere six weeks before this sex scene!

I also want to hand it to Kris Holden-Ried. He and Anna are such good friends at this point that they trust one another so completely, and he was so careful to make sure she felt comfortable and supported on set. That camaraderie between the cast and the crew is one of the benefits of having done four seasons of the show together. We really are a family and strive to take care of one another.

But enough mushy stuff! Back to what you came for: SEX!! I love the feeling of this scene — the frustration and anger just pouring off Bo, her desire to conquer her feelings of helplessness about her memory loss, Lauren’s disappearance and her own PTSD. I love how she so desperately has to take control of something, and that something is Dyson. It’s a super hot scene and just drips with subtext. And sweat. Lots of sexy, boxing sweat.

TVG: How come you didn’t have Bo go off on Dyson for hooking up with Kenzi? Kenz seemed to be getting the brunt of her anger, but there were two parties involved.
EA: I think we can all agree that Bo tends to have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to Dyson. But that could change. Needless to say, I doubt Bo has forgiven Dyson just yet!

Also, it’s important to remember that Kenzi and Bo are basically sisters. The betrayal just cut so much deeper because, ultimately, the person Bo loves and trusts the most IS Kenzi. The revelation about “THAT kiss” was just the last confession in a litany of confessions, the last cherry on top of the layers of things that Kenzi had been keeping from Bo. I do not believe it was the kiss that Bo was most hurt by. It was just the straw that broke the camel’s back, and the easiest thing to throw back in Kenzi’s face because it was so immediate and Kenzi clearly felt so guilty about it. (OP: But...4.01 memory loss?  I think they just ignored that for sake of drama, which was sort of silly.)

TVG: When did you shoot this episode? How much Miley Cyrus twerkage had you seen before shooting that Kenzi/Teen Tamsin scene?
EA: We shot this episode well before Miley apparently got an advance copy and adopted our moves.

Miley, baby, we’ve been twerking since before you were Hannah Montana! Just kidding — we love you, so call us. We’d love to have you and your giant bear backup dancers on the show (tell me Miley couldn’t play one helluva Dark Pixie)!

TVG: While Bo learned some secrets about Kenzi and Dyson, we learned a bit more about Lauren’s past. How much deeper will we delve into her life as Karen?
EA: I feel such a weight was lifted off Lauren when she was finally able to confess to her past as an ecoterrorist, even though she didn’t get to confess it to the person she really wanted to. And wasn’t it interesting how, once again, Lauren’s trust in someone she loved (her brother) led to trouble for the good doctor? (OP:  I am now completely confused about the Una Mens masks/labels from Vex's torture scene in 4.02  XD)

What I particularly loved about this storyline was the end, when Lauren finally takes a cue from our other powerful girls and pulls a bit of a Bo/Kenzi on her captors, calling them on their incompetence, speaking to her own value as a brilliant doctor and breaking out of her chains (literally). I feel that Lauren has nothing left to lose, and it was so moving to see her bite back, even as she faced imminent doom. If she is gonna go, Lauren’s not going to go out whimpering. Not this time.

You can really see Bo’s influence on Lauren here, which I LOVE. I really hope this signals a turn in Lauren and a determination to take control of her own destiny. If she doesn’t get fed to the Loch Ness Monster, that is.

TVG: We also learned some shocking news about Bo – she’s chosen the dark side! Does this mean you’re going to have to change the show title Forcibly Found Girl, or something else?
EA: Wasn’t that insane? I thought that was insane and I knew it was coming! I think we all know there’s no way in hell that Bo is going to take this news lightly. Stay tuned.

TVG: Will next week’s episode pick up right after that cliffhanger? What’s next for our Bo-Bo?
EA: Spoiler alert! The next episode picks up literally RIGHT AFTER this cliffhanger. What’s next for Bo? Finding out how the hell she became Dark Fae, and doing whatever it takes to undo it!

TVG: Final question: Why has it taken so long to make an “Ambiguously Fae Duo” joke? It was gold!
EA: Because we were only lucky enough to bring Michael Grassi, the brilliant writer of “Turn to Stone,” on to the writing staff this season. It was a good one — I laughed out loud, and I’m pretty tough (obviously).

Stay tuned for next week! It’s a fun one!

Lost Girl airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Thoughts? Questions about “Turn to Stone”? Leave ‘em below and be sure to check in this time next week for our post-ep chat on “Let the Dark Times Roll.”

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