25 Days Of Holiday Fun : An ONTD Original

Happy December ONTD !!! Also Happy Hanukkah to all of you celebrating at the moment.

Each year people often flail over Mariah Carey's amazing holiday albums and TV specials such as Charlie Brown Christmas.

To mimick the 25 Days of Christmas featured on ABC Family I've decided to compile a list of 25 underrated wonderful holiday themed albums , tv specials & movies , as well as memorable episodes.


1. 8 Bit Jesus - Doctor Octoroc

A nice hybrid between classic videogame and holiday tunes. If you are an old school gamer and heavily into the holiday spirit then you need this in your music library.

2. Christmas All Over The World - New Edition

Join Ralph , Ronnie , Bobby , Ricky and Mike in the holiday spirit. Probably one of the most underrated R&B holiday albums , this one is truly unique especially their take on Give Love On Christmas Day which is a great conclusion to the album. The 20th Century edition features a track by Johnny Gill.

3. Christmas Cheers - Straight No Chaser

A great album by an incredible acapella group . The " Christmas Can Can " is everything you need in your life.
Also check out their other holiday albums " Holiday Spirits " and " Under The Influence : Holiday Edition " btw thanks xica_s for bringing them into my life.

4. Christmas For You : Sailor Moon

Majority of this album is in japanese but it is beyond cute and comforting in the spirit of the holiday season.

5. Have Yourself A Looney Tunes Christmas

All of your favorite Looney Tunes come together to deliver a cute and nostalgic album for the ages . Highly recommended.

Movies / Specials

1. Christmas Everyday

Cheesy 90s galore right here . This film based on  the 1892 short story was featured on the inaugural 25 days of Christmas block back in 1996. It also starred Erik Von Detten aka Brink ! XD

2. Olive The Other Reindeer

Based on the 1997 children's book , this adorable animation was produced by Matt Groening's Curiosity Company and featured the voicework of Drew Barrymore , Tim Meadows , and Dan Castellaneta amongst others. It features heroic doggie Olive trying to reach Santa Claus and rescue Christmas from the evil mail man.

3. The Tangerine Bear : Home In Time For Christmas

The story of a bear who had his smile sewn on upside down and ends up in somewhat of an island of misfit toys ... or so he thinks . When he goes from the toy store to a 2nd hand shop his color changes from brown to a unique tangerine color. This movie gives Toy Story , Rudolph , and Brave Little Toaster tease and the ending is sure to make you smile. Also guess what you guise ? Jonathan Taylor Thomas is the voice of Tangi :D :D

4. A Divas Christmas Carol

A very r&b take on this Charles Dickens classic . Starring the fabulous Vanessa Williams this was a little too good to just be a tv movie , if they let this hit theaters I feel it would have been more appreciated . Nonetheless it's a great watch so get to it if you haven't already ;)

5. The Bears Who Saved Christmas

A family gets stranded on the way to their grandmother's house and end up in an empty cabin. The two bears belonging to the children set out on and adventure to make sure their owners have a good christmas and make sure they have a great surprise when they wake up.

Television Episodes

1. A Christmas Story - Perfect Strangers

When Larry and Balki try to visit the family for christmas , an ugly storm ruins their plans . Larry is grumpy at first but the two end up bonding during the storm.

2. Santa's Little Helper - Boy Meets World

When Cory finds out about Shawn's family financial situation he tries to help him out so that he has a good holiday .
Embarrassed and upset Shawn doesn't want anything to do with Cory leaving him confused about the situation. In the end the two realize what Christmas and friendship is all about.

3.Twas The Nightmare Before Christmas - The Golden Girls

The girls all plan to visit their families for Christmas until a damn fool dressed as Santa holds them up . At episodes end they do indeed spend Christmas with their family ;)

4. On Angel's Wings - X-Men Evolution

Scott and Rogue are left in the X-mansion with The Professor and Beast while the other students go spend the holidays with their families . They begin hearing stories of a mysterious angel going around Bayville doing good deeds . This episode was a great way to introduce Warren Worthington and it's a tear jerker :*

5.  A Kosher Christmas - Pepper Ann

* Disney blocked the episode :/ *

Peppy Schemmpy who comes from a Jewish mother and an English dad becomes conflicted during the holiday season and can't choose between Hanukkah and Christmas .

* bonus*

Rugrats Chanukah and Rugrats Kwanzaa <3 <3

Holiday Songs

1. This Christmastime - Corbin Bleu

I know how ya'll hate Disney Channel so if you don't wanna listen to the whole album atleast listen to this track , it makes you think of fun family and friend time during the holiday season .... just try listening to it as you trim the tree <3

2. Auld Lang Syne - Mariah Carey

I know this is a popular song but if you don't bring in the new year to Mariah's rendition then you need to seek jesus asap .

3. All I Want For Christmas - TLC

I know that most people are familiar with TLC's " Sleigh Ride " song but are you familiar with this track dedicated to sexy times under the tree ??

4. Santa Hooked Me Up - B2K

* Harlem Shakes in a santa costume *

5. Christmas Cheer - The Boys

I wouldn't recommend listening to this song while putting ornaments on the tree because one might slip out of your had as you bop uncontrollably to this jam.

Feature Films

1. All I Want For Christmas

A nice film about family , mischief , and holiday togetherness. Really under appreciated but truly entertaining

2. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Poor College dude Jake finds himself in a clusterfuck during the holidays . You can't go wrong with holiday madness and JTT though so you hookers need to watch this movie ^__^ .

3. Jingle All The Way

Cheesy and over the top film that shows us what parents would go through trying to buy nice gifts for their children during the holidays.

4. Christmas With The Kranks

Based on " Skipping Christmas " , Luther and Nora decide skip Christmas because their daughter is away , but she decides to return home with her fiancé at the last minute and things get hectic from their.

5. Deck The Halls

Not even adult Simba and Philoctetes could save this movie from being a box office bomb ... but it's still fun family entertainment and it is totally acceptable to watch it during the holidays.

Happy Holiday Season ONTD <3