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Darius Rucker performs with fan during a school talent show

starts at 3:10

Frankie Antonelli was interrupted halfway through his performance at Wando High School's talent show Wednesday night. But we don't think he minded.

The 16-year-old South Carolina native, who has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, was midway through Darius Rucker's "While I Still Got The Time," when the country singer himself walked out on stage.

The moment was caught on video (above).

Antonelli's mother Debbie is a woman's basketball analyst who sometimes appears on ESPN, and she tweeted the video of her son's performance, along with a photograph of him with Rucker.

She added that her son is proof that a disability can't stop someone from following his or her dreams.

Rucker, a South Carolina native, was just as thrilled about the duet:

“[Frankie is] happy, he’s healthy, he’s funny, he’s athletic... he is sweet and he is handsome,” Debbie Antonelli told the Post and Courier after the performance. “He just happens to have Down Syndrome. It doesn’t define who he is. He is uninhibited and he loves to perform.”

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