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One Direction heads to #1 and other projections

Doing projections on Black Friday is like a blind man playing darts with his back to the board--things can land anywhere. Eminem, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake, among others, are all on sale for $7 at Walmart and Target. Meanwhile, Amazon and Google are waging an online battle, with digital albums as low as $1.99, including Avicii, Ariana Grande, Fall Out Boy and Kanye West. This makes things a little difficult to pin down. One thing’s for certain, though: One Direction will debut at #1. Here's how it looks going into Black Friday.

*One Direction (SYCO/Columbia) 550-575k
Eminem (Shady/Aftermath/Interscope) 180-190k
Katy Perry (Capitol) 130-140k
The Robertsons (EMI Nashville) 115-125k
Lady Gaga (Interscope) 105-115k
Kelly Clarkson (RCA) 90-100k
*Garth Brooks (Pearl) 80-90k (Walmart Exclusive)
Miley Cyrus (RCA) 80-90k
Now 48 (UMe) 75-85k
Justin Timberlake (RCA) 65-75k
Drake (Young Money/Cash Money/Republic) 65-75k
Luke Bryan (Capitol Nashville) 65-75k
Florida Georgia Line (Republic Nashville) 50-60k
Imagine Dragons (KidinaKorner/Interscope) 50-60k
*A Day To Remember (ADTR) 45-55k
Susan Boyle (SYCO/Columbia) 40-50k
Mary J. Blige (Verve) 40-50k
Lorde (Lava/Republic) 40-50k

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