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A roundup of stories on our exes, flings, and boyfriends

Naomi Watts and her husband Liev Schreiber layer up in rain gear as they step out in the downpour to take their sons Sasha, 6, and Samuel, 4, to school on Wednesday (November 27) in New York City. The 45-year-old actress and Liev, 46, were seen the day before all bundled up in winter attire to make the freezing walk to their sons’ school.

Jared Leto goes incognito in a bulky winter jacket while arriving at LAX Airport just in time for Thanksgiving on Wednesday (November 26) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Dallas Buyers Club actor recently talked with Rolling Stone about all the accolades he is receiving for his work in the new film.

“People think I’m anti-awards ceremonies, but it’s great to celebrate the movie,” Jared said. "Most of the time you make an independent film, it doesn’t all come together the way you hoped, and it breaks your heart. And when it does work it’s like, ‘F–k yeah, let’s celebrate this.’”

“The thing I’ve been criticized for the most, I’ve actually been awarded for the most. In the kitchen, I must have 15 or 20 MTV awards, and a ton of others for the music,” Jared added. “And I never got an award as an actor until the other night – I’ve gotten two now for Dallas Buyers Club. The moral is that I never got an award that made me feel better about myself.”

Sam Worthington and his girlfriend Lara Bingle hold hands while walking to the set of his upcoming movie Kidnapping Freddy Heineken on Wednesday (November 27) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The 26-year-old model watched on while Sam, 37, got into character. She then stood on the sidelines with a gal pal and snapped photos of her man at work.

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