Lois Lane Might Get and Ongoing Series

I think it all depends on the one-shot double issue she has coming out in Feb.

lois lane cover

Nrama: We've read a lot about her in the various Superman comics since the New 52 first launched. What makes this issue different?

Bennett: This story is hers. She is no one’s supporting cast member, and her very foundations are rising up against her. I have read and loved reading Lois, from Lois the girlfriend to Lois the war reporter, but for this moment in time, I felt she deserved a story about her family, her friendships, her relationships, her mess, her struggle, her climb. (Things explode, too, but the story is a poignant one.)

Nrama: I know it's only one issue, but can you give us a sense of what type of story it is?

Bennett: Sci-fi noir.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Newsarama/posts/10152451856483298