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Mara Wilson Doesn't Get ONTD.

Mara Wilson took to her twitter this afternoon to express her opinion on the celebrity gossip community Oh No They Didn't.

I think I just don't get ONTD. I guess it's a place where people who otherwise consider themselves feminists can shit on another woman's appearance without guilt. They like to say I have a "feud" with them, but really I just when off on one of their members for linking me to an article about me... ...Where all the comments were about me being ugly. NO ONE wants to see that.

And I get hating on obnoxious celebrities, to a point. I tend to do it if they say/do something I find ignorant or offensive (hi, Gwyneth!) I shouldn't have gone off on her like that, though. They clearly get something out of it and have a community. But I don't get hating on people who aren't hurting anyone. If anyone from ONTD wants to tell me what they like about it, I'll listen. Again, if you consider yourself a feminist but routinely criticize other women for their appearances, reconsider one of those. Maybe I also don't get hating on celebrities because I've met some, and they're pretty normal. Some are even boring.

I haven't met her. But I find some things she says and does frustratingly ignorant. RT @CedricRichards Is Katy Perry normal and/or boring?

No. I find her annoying, and I think she says and does some ignorant stuff, but I don't know her. RT @KatraHigher Don't you hate Katy Perry?

Look, "Katycats," if it's any consolation, Katy Perry would probably find me annoying and ignorant, too.

That, I Kissed A Girl, and more. RT @MeganMick do you think Katy Perry is ignorant for making comments about OCD?? or is it something else?

Because you like girls? Of course not. Solely for male attention? Yes. RT @Piscesboy69 @MeganMick You disapprove of kissing girls?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA No RT @MaSeydouX Don't you hate Beyoncé?

I like most people

Yes. MT @KathleenSawisky Johnny Depp? Susan Sarandon? Jennifer Lawrence? Tom Brokaw? Guy Who Makes Adventure Time? Jackie Onassis?

@KathleenSawisky I don't know much about Selena Gomez, but she seems OK. I've got nothing against her.

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