Netflix is bringing back The Killing

Two months after the crime drama’s second cancelation, The Killing is being resurrected for a fourth season at Netflix. The streaming service, which stepped up to make the last revival feasible, will air six episodes, which will be billed as the series’ “final season.” AMC, which developed and aired the show for its first three seasons, will have no part in the latest move for the Fox Television Studios series.

The series' stars Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos will return, with the show set to explore a new case. The series' writing staff and crew will return as well, with production set to begin in Canada in February. Though creator Veena Sud’s WME agents and the studio began exploring its options immediately following the series’ September cancelation, conversations with Netflix began in earnest about a month ago. As part of the unprecedented deal, the series’ final installment will bow simultaneously across Netflix’s global territories.

No word yet on the plot of this new season, but The Killing's history of being canceled and uncanceled is substantially more interesting than the actual content of the series. (oop) That content, of course, is 20 percent chewing, 20 percent sweaters, 20 percent red herrings, 20 percent sex crimes, 10 percent atmospheric shots of rainy exteriors, 5 percent atmospheric shots of danky dark interiors, 4 percent crime-solving, and 1 percent Bockmail.