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Taking inspiration from Miley? Pigtailed Lady Gaga channels Cyrus

She used to be the most shocking woman in pop, with her every antic followed breathlessly by both fans and the press.
But Lady Gaga has a rival in the form of 21-year-old Miley Cyrus, arguably the most talked about woman in the business right now and the Applause hitmaker is not taking it lying down.
Gaga, 27, made her own bid for attention as she stepped out in New York on Thursday night looking quite similar to Miley, from her skimpy lingerie to the pigtails on top of her head.

Paying no heed to the dropping temperatures in the Big Apple, Gaga wore sheer black panties and a black bra.
She added thigh high stockings and donned her trademark huge platform boots, which the average person would find impossible to walk in.

However, it was her hair which really highlighted Gaga's attempt to look just like Miley as she tied her hair up in bunches, similar to those donned by the former Disney star as her closely cropped blonde hair grows out.

The only concession Gaga made to the cold was an oversized plaid scarf but even that was left open, exposing her body to the cold night air.
The popstar also donned a pair of sunglasses, even though her near naked jaunt took place at night.
Lady Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, is in the city undertaking rehearsals for Saturday Night Live.
This coming weekend, the songstress will finally fulfill a dream she's held for the past 23 years by walking through the hallowed halls of the NBC building in New York's famed Rockefeller Center as she acts as host and musical guest for the show.
Miley, of course, memorably hosted the show in October and received universal praise.
Gaga tweeted her excitement at the prospect on Tuesday, after filming a number of promos for her appearance alongside series regular Kenan Thompson.
'AH! I've been envisioning this since I was 4 AND 3/4rs!' she informed her more than 40.5 million followers.
(more pics at source)


I wonder what songs she will do on SNL! I hope Swine! (I tried to find the tweet, because 4 and 3/4rs did not make sense, but I cannot find it.

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