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Reality Show Addict! Naomi Campbell 'Prefers' The Only Way Is Essex To Made In Chelsea

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has confessed to being a huge fan of ITV's reality series The Only Way Is Essex and admits she has stayed “loyal” to it while she gave up watching Made In Chelsea.

The model is currently a judge on Sky Living's The Face UK, a modelling competition series, alongside two other supermodel coaches, Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor.

''I watched 'Made In Chelsea' when Chloe Green was on it, but I fell off watching it after that. The Only Way is Essex was the first one I watched, so I stayed loyal to that,” she told Heat magazine. ''I like a bit of 'Downton Abbey' too.''


Adding: ''I guess I could call last Sunday a day off. I did try to lie in bed, but I feel a tremendous guilt for doing it. I don't know why, I just do.''

The 43-year-old stunner also revealed by appearing on her new modelling show, the public get to see the “real Naomi Campbell".

''Everything you see on camera is how I am. I'm not playing for the camera, for me there's a fine line between a reality show and real. I'm a Gemini, I don't hold things in,'' she continued.

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