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Cody Simpson about Justin Bieber and his "unreal" life

Cody Simpson Pressefotos 01

German interview with Cody Simpson. Translation...

You had your breakthrough in the United States with your album "Surfer's Paradise". How did your life change after this success? Can you go shopping or to the movies without being recognized?
My life has gradually become crazier and busier over the past couple of years. Now it's difficult to go anywhere without being recognized and asked for pictures! It's pretty unreal.

What's the story behind your new song "La Da Dee"?
La Da Dee is a real groovy tune with one of the catchiest choruses I've recorded in a while! It's about being in love with a girl, and the fact that nothing else is relevant in my life anymore besides from her. I don't even want to go out and party without her because I wouldn't be much fun with her constantly in my thoughts.

You worked with Ziggy Marley on your Song "Love". Who had the idea for this?
I did! I am a big Bob Marley fan and I was stoked when Ziggy agreed to be a part of it. His presence on the track adds a real cool and credible world feel!

What is the best thing about being on tour?
Inspiring thousands of fans each and every night. I love traveling and meeting new people.

You've been on tour with Justin Bieber. Did you learn anything from him?
Being on tour with Justin really gave me a taste for arena and stadium shows. Experience is the only way to improve your performance skills!

What was the best place you travelled so far and why?
I loved Europe. I was Germany last year and really enjoyed that. I also loved the Netherlands and France.

Are there plans for coming to Germany?
I'll hopefully be back around March/April next year!

If you could work with anyone, dead or alive, who wuld you chose?
Elvis Presley without a doubt. He's the best that ever did it.

Can we expect any music from you and your sister Alli?
She's got an incredible new single out in a couple weeks called "Notice Me". We're not sure as far as duets though!

Who is your celebrity crush?
Miranda Kerr or Jessica Alba!

You got already MILLIONS of Fans. How important is it for you, to connect with your fans through social media like Twitter, Facebook & Co.?
My career is built on social media, so I find it real important to be constantly connecting with the fans online!

Please describe your fans with 3 words/sentences!
Enthusiastic, dedicated and irreplaceable!

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