The Midsommar May Queen (shangri__la) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
The Midsommar May Queen

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett for Mr. Porter

Mr Nathan Stewart-Jarrett's career may be in the ascendancy, but from the point of view of his inner geek, you suspect that he's going to find it difficult to top his most recent role. In Dom Hemingway, a new British crime caper starring Mr Jude Law, the 27-year-old actor plays the love interest of Ms Emilia Clarke - otherwise known as Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones fame. It was an experience that he tactfully describes as "a bit of an honour".

When he's not busy acting out on-screen relationships with international sex symbols, Mr Stewart-Jarrett resides in the creative district of Hackney, east London. In the latest instalment of This Week I'm Wearing, he shows MR PORTER around his favourite neighbourhood haunts on Wilton Way, from his local café-cum-radio station to his favourite soon-to-be-not-so-secret restaurant and wine bar. Click through the gallery, above, to see more.

Dom Hemingway is in UK cinemas from 15 November.

Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, misfits (e4), photo shoot

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