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DW 50th anniversary promo: BBC ident interruptions, 4 new stills and a radio ad

Idents on the BBC are currently being interrupted by a familiar face. Matt Smith, as The Eleventh Doctor, can be seen popping up in between shows in the TARDIS. Fans can also look out for the TARDIS across the BBC in many different shows, including Eastenders.

Another one here:

Also, BBC America have released more promotional pictures from The Day of the Doctor

And a better view on Rose's outfit

Additionally, BBC Radio have been airing an audio advert for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special [the visuals have been added by Blogtor Who]:

source: |1| |2| |3| |4|

This isn't anything special, tbh. They'll either pack everything for the last week or this promo is very lacking. Anyway, thoughts on Rose's outfit? Is it really Rose? What's with the Hurt's hut? Where is it exactly?

Tags: doctor who (bbc), television - bbc

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