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Ke$ha Says Farewell to Eastbound & Down's Kenny Powers

This story is from the November 21st, 2013 issue of Rolling Stone.
By Ke$ha

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I am obsessed with Kenny Powers. He's the all-American hillbilly white-trash hero, and I relate to him on a really deep level. There's this one episode of Eastbound & Down where he comes running onto a baseball field in Mexico with an American flag tied around his neck, jerking off to the crowd with fireworks going off. It reminded me so much of myself that it scared me. And made me proud, at the same time.

When my music first came out, my sense of humor was kind of lost in translation. I was like, "Man, they don't know I'm in on the joke!" But then I saw Eastbound & Down, and I knew Kenny Powers would totally get me. We're both oblivious, missing social cues about what's appropriate. We both have a really dark and obscene sense of humor, which my publicists tell me I have to tone down. But Kenny doesn't tone it down. He owns that shit. I am proud to be his female embodiment.

I really don't have a proper gauge on entertainment in society these days. I literally only watch Eastbound & Down and The Golden Girls. Kenny is mostly a mix between Blanche and Sophia. But we all have a little Rose in us, too. The beauty is in the combination, which is what Kenny has.

I always wanted to guest on Eastbound – just be some trashy girl on the Jet Ski with my shirt off. I'll miss Kenny. I love that man. We are one and the same. Fuck yeah, Kenny Powers.


Where can I find Ke$ha x Kenny Powers romantic fan fiction? Tumblrs, help me out here.
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