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ARTPOP Pop Up Gallery is not exactly a masterpiece

Meat Packing District gets makeover for Lady Gaga lovers — but it comes across as merch table

“My art could mean anything,” sings Lady Gaga in the title track of her new “ARTPOP” album.
And her new pop-up store in the Meat Packing District proves it.

While it’s titled “ARTPOP Pop Up: A Lady Gaga Gallery,” it ends up looking less like an art show than a fancy merch table, crossed with a quick retrospective of the star’s most familiar looks and styles.

The show, open to the public for three days, from noon to 9 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, occupies the space where her late friend, designer Alexander McQueen, had his New York store. (at 417 West 14th Street).

There, you can buy Lady Gaga t-shirts, CDs, and posters. You can also flip through copies of the new Glamour Magazine, which features the Lady on the cover, or have your picture taken with headphones hawked by her label-mate Dr. Dre.

Fans can go interactive at the make-up stations, which feature tubes of the star’s eagerly garish colors. They can scrawl messages on a wall in like-hued magic markers. Or make a video of themselves mimicking her dance moves.

So what about art?

The space does include some of Jeff Koons’ blue orbs, which have served as visual motif for Gaga’s new CD. (She gives birth to one on the cover). But they’re the only brand new pieces included.

Taking up the rest of the space are Gaga’s old outfits, including, yes, the meat dress, which looks particularly at home in the Meat Packing District. Also on hand are her leather jacket and black body suit from the “Born This Way” tour, the blue-hued “Poker Face” video dress, as well as the bejeweled swine-face mask from Gaga’s recent iTunes concert performance.

It may not be high art, but it’s certainly hard-core commerce.

Some pics taken by yours truly:

SOURCE + my cameraphone
Just came back from the store. It's basically a merch store with a display of her outfits, a really uncomfortable chair, a dance game, fan graffiti wall, pics and a hand-wave operated glass door.
I'm gonna go back on the last day, try the Applause dance tutorial and embarrass myself.
Sorry about the pics. I should've turned off the flash. :(
Tags: celebrity designers / fashion, lady gaga

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