GAGA - artRave


Lady Gaga wears a hover dress, performs 'ARTPOP' songs at Brooklyn artRAVE

At long last, we have arrived at the official release of Lady Gaga’s brand new album ARTPOP. And to celebrate, Gaga threw herself a party at a giant warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, on New York’s industrial waterfront.

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Dubbed the artRAVE, Gaga’s fete featured performances of every track from the new album (she opened with “Aura,” that same way that ARTPOP does), the unveiling of new pieces by large-scale artist Jeff Koons ( including the massive sculpture that appears on ARTPOP‘s cover) and Marina Abromovic (previously seen staring down Jay Z and getting Gaga to traipse naked through the woods), and one of Gaga’s most spectacular entrances yet via a “flying dress” called “Volantis” that was essentially a wearable dirigible.

Check it out in action below.


Lady Gaga's artRAVE Party: 'ARTPOP' Performance, Flying Dress & Costumes Galore
Art and pop converged at Brooklyn Navy Yard Sunday night just as Lady Gaga had envisioned it, but nearly 70 minutes after fans expected her. At around 12:45 a.m. Monday morning (Nov. 11), Gaga took the steps in front of a larger-than-life sculpture of herself custom-made by Jeff Koons, and inspired by the cover of "ARTPOP," which hit stores just 45 minutes prior to her opening performance of "Aura." Clad in a clown-like white mask with black-and-white buoys that made her like a bizarro Jack In The Box mascot, Gaga spent the first two songs of her live-streamed concert lip-synching to a track - coming off more pop art than artistic pop music.