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Guess Who I met tonight?!

KATEY SAGAL!!! Theo Rossi, Kim Coates, Kurt Sutter!

I've actually met her before but not in a setting where I could be a fan~ (if that makes sense) and you know what they say "Never meet your idol~" but man, she was soooooo nice, gracious, and just humble. She's actually kinda shy and awkward irl, but in the most endearing way. It just made me more comfortable around her and I actually didn't ramble like a crazy person at her! Phewww. I got her to sign her new album ("Covered" out on iTunes~!!!!!~) and we chatted for a bit. I told her I loved her music and voice and she was like "Thank you so much, sweetheart (I died). I appreciate it."

Then when I asked her if we could take a pic she was like, "Ohhh, yes, of course! Do you want us to take like a selfie or do you want me to hand your phone to someone else?" lmaaaoooo, bless ha! :') So my friend took the pic and Sutter totally jumped in at the last minute (and ruined it tbh) but here it is! :)

Kim and Theo were just goofballs and I didn't have anything for them to sign but we did take a pic

FOR SONS OF ANARCHY FANS! We watched next week's episode tonight so if you want any hardcore spoilers, PM me! I realized that I actually have NO idea what's going on outside of the Gemma storyline so I'll try my best, lol! And I also recorded MOST of the Q&A they did after we watched the episode. I'll post it after the episode airs bc there is some spoiler-y talk in it. :) Ps. Rejoice, bc we do not only get ONE montage, we get TWOOO! The first one will have Katey's cover of "For a Dancer" playing over it. The crowd obviously cheered as we recognized who was singing it. <3 I think it's a beautiful cover but I'm biased sooooooooooo. :)

source: me and my camera
Tags: guess who, sons of anarchy (fx)

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