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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4: Norman Reedus and a crossbow, Andrew Lincoln and ‘SNL’ talk

  Before tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 4 airs, why not dive in now to a couple of silly little stories that are getting a little bit of traction online?
We begin here with something that is the funniest “Walking Dead”-related thing that we have seen all week long: Crossbow training with Norman Reedus. The actor made an appearance recently on “Conan,” and he also taped a bit that aired this week all about how he originally tried to figure out how to use his famous crossbow. We really don’t want to say too much here (or anything at all), given that it will spoil some of the hilarity of it. But what we really love here is that someone who typically makes a living being referred to as “awesome” all of a sudden is now in a position where he looks weak and vulnerable. It’s pretty hard not to love every second of this one.

  Meanwhile, we now turn to Andrew Lincoln, who is talking about the possibility of maybe doing something fun someday in hosting an episode of “Saturday Night Live.” While at a convention this past weekend, the man behind Rick Grimes admitted that it would be incredibly intimidating if he was ever asked to do it, but he also said “never say never” as a response. Personally, we think that it would be great. For whatever reason, this show hasn’t seen most of its actors get these sort of huge gigs despite it being the top-rated scripted show on any medium.
  The biggest thing possibly holding the show back right now is scheduling, given how tough and extensive a job being on “The Walking Dead” is. But our simple response to that is to just try and bring him on for a show in February, around the time that the series is coming back and there will be a break in production. We don’t know why this wouldn’t be a great move for all parties involved, especially since you could try to get Norman (who lives in New York City during the off months) for a cameo.


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All I await is the return of flawfree Queen Jamie Lee Carol.
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