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X Factor 2013 judges told to be more like Nicole Scherzinger!

The X Factor 2013 judges have apparently been told to be more like Nicole Scherzinger!


The excitable American singer is clearly a favourite with X Factor boss Simon, despite him previously ditching her from the US show.

Nicole, along with Louis Walsh, still has all three of her acts left in the running, although two have already been in the bottom two.

After winning last year with the boys and James Arthur, Nicole is one of the favourites to win with the girls this time around, although it’s actually Sharon Osbourne who leads the betting right at the moment.

Nevertheless, producers like Nicole’s attitude and have apparently told the others to match her energy.

According to The Sun however, the other judges didn’t take the request all that well.

“Nicole’s attitude is brilliant — but she’s showing up the other judges and they don’t like it at all,” an insider said today. “They feel Nicole is making them look bad and is being teacher’s pet.

“She’s increasingly isolated by them.”

They added to the tabloid today: “The other judges feel like Nicole the golden girl can do no wrong at the moment. It’s causing bad feeling and resentment.”

Frankly, the thought of four Nicoles on the panel slightly terrifies us…

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