Britney Bombs: Spears’ ‘Perfume’ Fails To Make A Splash On Charts

As one of Pop’s most successful figures, Britney Spears is used to explosive sales. However, the singer is dealing with a bomb of a different sort – new single ‘Perfume’.

Commissioned as the second single from the 31-year-old’s new album ‘Britney Jean’, it was hoped that the Sia penned cut would enjoy greater success than predecessor ‘Work B*tch’ – which sold dreadfully and peaked #12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

However, as at writing, the ballad is actually performing worse than ‘Work’.

Indeed, though lapped up by Spears’ legion of loyal fans, it appears ‘Perfume’ has the general public holding their noses and wallets. For, though released just one week ago, the track quickly tumbled down the iTunes tally, where it currently sits at #83. Interestingly, ‘Work B*tch’ is performing marginally better, holding firm at #45.

Beyond the boring, bland, abomination that is the track itself, the saddest part of the matter is that the few things that could help the song commercially are also potential disasters-in-waiting (see: live performances, videos). At a time where only her material can “save” her, it’s such a shame, yet more so worrying that Team Britney ever even considered recording – speak less releasing – this.

And despite being advocates for club-geared Britney, our issue isn’t that it’s not an “uptempo”. After all, we’re growing tired of watching Britney dance like she has cement in her boots. Rather, it’s the fact that the song is flat-out crap and not a patch on past ballads such as ‘Everytime’ and ‘Blackout’s ‘Why Should I Be Sad’ that grates us most.

‘Britney Jean’ arrives December 3rd. But, honestly, at this point, we don’t even care.