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Details about the second version of Perfume which is going to be on the Deluxe Edition of Britney Jean

The Alternate version of “Perfume” on the Deluxe “Britney Jean” is haunting, dark, cold, hollow; a distant cry from Will.I.Am’s version, a music insider shares with
The eerie drum loop mixed with guitars, strings, synth pads and the piano (that beautiful piano!) suits the lyrics far better than the heavy bass does in the radio mix. The sound is deeper and more straightforward rather than the embellishments on the album version.
The alternate “Perfume” features a slowed-down chilling background mixed with echoey vocals (lyrics and duration remain the same) – a much stronger-sounding traditional ballad versus Will’s radio-friendly power slow-jam.

Dr.Luke reveals more information about the second song that Brit and Sia wrote together which is titled "Brightest Morning Star". Dr.Luke has previously confirmed that it is about her boys!

  1. @TheDoctorLuke Did you produce Passenger or Brightest Morning Star for BRITNEY JEAN? :-)

@icisio Brightest Morning Star...

  1. @TheDoctorLuke what's the vibe of 'Brightest Morning Star'?

@britoholic melo and personal... mid tempo.. not EDM...

Therefore the track list so far looks like this (not the final order obviously)

Standard Edition

1. Alien
2. Work Bitch
3. Perfume
4. Passenger
5. Brightest Morning Star
6. Body Ache

Deluxe Edition

11. Perfume (Stripped Down)

Finally the vocal producer of the newly leaked "Passenger" engaged in a, erm, friendly conversation with a fan on Twitter, but DID confirm that it is indeed Brit singing on the track!


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Which song is your favorite so far ONTD? Work Bitch, Perfume or Passenger?