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Selena Gomez wants to date older men!

Selena has been quite vocal about her dating desires lately. After confessing that she ‘likes when guys come to her’ on Nov. 5, she reveals in a new interview that she wants to date older men!
After ending a tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber, 19, in November, 2012, Selena Gomez is ready to move on to older and wiser guys. The 21-year-old singer opens up about her ideal man in a revealing new interview. Read on for all the details!

It sounds like Selena is tired of the immature ways of boys her own age. Could it be because of her ex Justin, who has been getting into all kinds of trouble lately? When asked if she would date an older guy in an interview with KIIS FM, Sel excitedly answered, “YES! I want to. Goodness!”

So what age does she have in mind? "I’m 21, so I would like somebody that maybe would be like 25, 26 — that would be nice,” she says.

As for what she looks for in a guy, Selena would love someone who is classy and respectful, with a good sense of humor. Good manners are very important to Selena, who says she’s “such an old-fashioned Southern belle.”

As much as we love Justin, we have to say he hasn’t exactly been the epitome of class lately. We totally understand why Selena would want to move on with someone more mature!

Selena Gomez Dating On Tour? — ‘I Like When Guys Come To Me’
Apparently “Come and Get It” is more than just a song for Selena. She dished about her love life to Ryan Seacrest in a Nov. 5 interview, saying that she’s “old-fashioned” when it comes to dating, and she prefers to be courted by guys rather than chasing them down.

Selena sat down with Ryan to discuss what she’s been up to on her tour, and of course he asked her what dating on the road is like.

“I think it works different for female artists or at least it does for me because I actually don’t do any of that,” Selena tells Ryan on his radio show On-Air with Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 KIIS FM. ”Don’t get me wrong, if a guy has the courage to ask me out, maybe I would. But I’m old-fashioned. I like when guys come to me.”

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