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Video Game Post Version 5.0

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1. Bioware Teases Next Mass Effect

BioWare staffers, ranging from series producer Michael Gamble to BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy to executive producer Casey Hudson, have been tweeting pictures today of Mass Effect things both new and old. These images are accompanied by a message that has been split between tweets, but it's the images themselves that are most interesting.

Among those posted so far are one showing what looks like a new character and vehicle being designed, one showing a new type of enemy, and another that shows the game being played (possibly on a PC) with an Xbox 360 controller. The latter was tweeted along with the text, "The next chapter of Mass Effect is upon us!" while the one with the enemy had text -- "...new enemies to encounter..." -- that is part of a longer message split across multiple Twitter accounts. A more recent tweet includes yet another image and mentions "new worlds to explore."

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2.Xbox One needs Mandatory Day One Patch or It Can't do Anything

In an interview with Engadget, senior director of product management Albert Penello explained that even disc-based games won't work with the console until the patch is installed, thanks to the fact it's shipped with an old operating system.

When asked what consumers could expect to do without the patch installed, Penello said "Nothing. You need the day one update."

"A lot of the apps come with the day one update because they wouldn't have even been done. You're gonna need to take this update. It's not gonna be really an optional thing.


3. XBox One Backwards Compatibility is 'Problematic'

Microsoft has admitted that attempts to use cloud streaming to allow Xbox 360 games to be played on Xbox One are proving "problematic".


4. Nintendo Trademarks 'Great Detective Pikachu'

Last week the company revealed the new title is a detective game for the Nintendo 3DS in which players will team up with Pikachu to solve crimes and defeat an evil blue version of the Pokemon. The game utilizes the 3DS' camera and allows Pikachu to register — and mimic — players' facial expressions. Ishihara said work on the title began this summer and the game is expected to launch in 2015.


5. Pokemon Art Designer wants to Bring it back to Red and Blue Roots

Pokémon X and Y art director Ken Sugimori said recently in an interview with Japanese magazine We Love Pokémon that he would like to see the next generation of Pokémon return to simpler roots.

Speaking to the magazine (in an interview translated by Siliconera), Sugimori was asked how he'd like to approach the next generation of Pokémon games after Pokémon X and Y. In response, he said that he'd prefer to go back to a simpler way, similar to what was offered in Pokémon Red and Green (Pokémon Blue outside of Japan).


6. Final Fantasy 10-2 HD confirmed to include Last Mission expansion

Final Fantasy 10-2 HD will include all bonus content from the International version of the game, including its Last Mission expansion, producer Yoshinori Kitase confirmed to Siliconera.

As of July, Square Enix was still undecided as to whether or not Last Mission would be included in Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD due to the large size of the expansion.

Final Fantasy 10-2 International + Last Mission also featured the Creature Creator system, which allows players to capture monsters and even characters from previous title Final Fantasy 10 — including Tidus and Lulu — to fight in battle alongside Yuna and company. Kitase said that this feature will also be included in Final Fantasy 10-2 HD alongside Last Mission.


7. A look at the NBA 2k14 Motion Engine

8. Chocolate Caramel Swirl


1 can of frozen BACARDI® Mixers Strawberry Daiquiri mix
1/2 cup of BACARDI® Rum
Chocolate Shell Topping
Caramel Syrup
5 cups of ice
Strawberries for garnish

25 min


Blend together BACARDI® Mixers Strawberry Daiquiri mix, BACARDI® Rum and ice for 45 to 60 seconds or until uniform.
Pour daiquiri in glass and swirl chocolate and caramel on top.
Garnish with strawberries.
Serves five people.


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