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The ‘Best Man Holiday’ crew speaks about the state of Black Hollywood with JET Magazine

A lot of us know that look Taye Diggs is serving all too well. It’s the same “hurry up and die” glare your mama gives when she walks in the kitchen and find you in her late night snack stash.

Taye is joined by ‘The Best Man Holiday’ co-stars Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long on the November 25th issue of JET Magazine.

In their cover story chat, the trio chats it up about the film, what it took to get it made, and opportunities for African-American actors in Hollywood.

Read excerpts from the conversation below.

Nia Long on getting the movie made:

“It wasn’t like we were just able to make this movie; we had to go through a process. So I feel successful in that alone….”

Sanaa Lathan on the portrayal of African-Americans in films:

“We as moviegoers want to see ourselves. A lot of Black films that have been out lately have been of a certain ilk, stereotype and humor. This has a lot more depth. It’s not fitting the mold of what’s out now.

Taye Diggs on how films have changed since ‘The Best Man’:

“Our films were really starting to explode and it was an interesting time. But then, people started making movies without us in them…Sadly, we’re still slaves to a system we don’t really control.”

Check out the full article in the November 25th issue of JET magazine, currently available on newsstands now.

Closer look at the cover

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