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Miley Cyrus — Why She Loves Working With Kanye West

It’s easy for Miley to forget the haters cause somebody loves her — Kanye! In a new interview, Miley reveals that she enjoys working with the controversial rapper because he ‘believes’ in her.

Miley Cyrus chatted with Ryan Seacrest on Nov. 6, dishing about how she and Kanye West bonded at the 2013 VMAs on Aug. 25. Even though Miley has received a lot of criticism for her new image, Kanye has offered her nothing but support and encouragement! Read on for all the details on Miley’s special relationship with Kanye.

Kanye totally predicted that Miley would wow everyone with her wild VMA performance! Miley, 20, told Ryan that Kanye, 36, watched the rehearsal of her performance on the night of the show and said to her:

“You’re going to do something kind of insane tonight. It’s going to be memorable and awesome.”

Kanye had an eye for Miley’s talent right away, and it sounds like the two artists instantly clicked.

“I had wanted to go out after, but we had decided to go into the studio and we started working and my whole thing is no matter what I do, I just want to be around people that really believe in me,” Miley says. “And that’s why him and I started working together.”

We’re so happy that Miley looks up to Kanye and chooses to focus her attention on people who believe in her and her art. We hope to see Miley and Kanye collaborate more in the future, but for now, we can’t wait to hear their remix of Kanye’s “Black Skinhead”! (op: heffa pls)

Miley will be featured as Cosmopolitan‘s December 2013 cover girl and we can’t wait to read her interview and see her sexy pics! We previously reported that in Miley’s interview, she opened up about how much she appreciates support from fellow stars such as Kanye and Katy Perry.

She tells the mag, “The support of other artists is important because there are not many people who can relate to what I’m going through right now. Kanye West is one of those people, and even Katy Perry has been so cool. It’s easy for Kanye to support me because we’re in totally separate lanes of competition, but for Katy to say that she appreciates what I’m really doing for the pop industry, that keeps you going. And I mean, who cares what the media buzz is if Kanye West is telling you that you’re the shit?”

We agree, Miley! You keep “doing your thang,” and stay true to who you are!
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