Sander Fucking Cohen (chibik3r0) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Sander Fucking Cohen

ONTD Guess Who Post!

Who did my friends and I get to spend a day with?

Hugh Dancy!

Laurence Fishburne!

Bryan Fuller! Complete with flower crowns. They have a bin of them on set!

Raul Esparza!

My friends and I were personally invited by Bryan Fuller (thanks to meeting him at San Diego Comic Con this past year and reconnecting with him while filming) and we got to spend the day on the set of Hannibal while they filmed season 2!

I'm not allowed to discuss any of the scenes we saw being filmed nor any of the other information about filming for season 2 but we were able to see the sets (Hannibal's house, FBI HQs, Forensics labs) as well as some other places like make-up, wardrobe, etc.

The cast and crew we met were all fantastic people and seriously you could tell they loved their job and the work they did. It was an experience my friends and I will never forget!
Tags: guess who, hannibal (nbc)

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