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Carrie Underwood Covers December 'Redbook'

Carrie Underwood is confidence personified—how else do you go from small-town girl to multiplatinum country star practically overnight? Get a sneak peak at her cover interview right here.

On any backlash she received after coming out in support of marriage equality in 2012
Someone asked me a question and I tried to give an honest answer. If someone won’t like me because of that, then maybe they were looking for a reason not to like me.

On why she keeps a food journal
"You know how you feel when you get full? Well, I don't get full. I can eat a lot. Mike and I were in Italy for 10 days and I put on 8 pounds. So in real life, I have to make sure I'm not eating just to eat."

On trusting her husband (pro hockey player Mike Fisher)
"If he goes to a bar with his friends, a tabloid is going to report about it. Same goes for me. Trust is what it is. Either you trust someone or you don't. And I've never trusted anyone more than I trust Mike."

On why she has to do her own laundry
"I do not like people touching my underwear. That's just weird! I travel with a washer and dryer and I like cooking on the bus too."

On what prompted her to slim down
"It was on the Idol tour [after I won]. I put on a lot of weight [during the show] because we were locked in a room all day with a craft service table. I was bored, so I was just eating. I was never overweight, but I feel better with myself now."

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Don't forget that she will be co-hosting the CMA Awards tonight on ABC at 8/7c!! She will also be starring in The Sound of Music on December 5 on NBC!!
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