Quotables: Iggy Azalea Should Probably Just Stop Talking

"When I was 13, I got a fake ID. I'd go out, get hammered off my face in nightclubs because I thought that made me an adult, meet older guys who thought I was older, and go f--- them. I'd do that all the time."

--Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, on her hard-partying youth, and by "youth," we seriously, seriously mean youth.

While it's really, truly super sad that Iggy thought this was the way to "grow up" -- abusing substances and engaging in reckless sex at just 13 years old, holy crow -- is it really the wisest thing to be interviewing about? Is this the example that Iggy should be setting for young, impressionable kids who haven't found their way yet, either? It's true, nobody ever said Iggy was a role model, least of all Iggy, and if this remains the case, then maybe the 23-year-old should keep these kinds of stories reserved for the, you know, not general public.

Sorry all that awful stuff happened to you as a kid, Iggy, and sorry that there wasn't a better guidance system in place for you, but man. Try your best to not perpetuate this kind of behavior, huh? Your songs about oral sex and crack are bad enough as it is.

[Complex article here.]


SMH at any club letting a 13 year old through the door. ONTD: Agree or disagree with the reporter that Iggy should keep this info to herself?