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Wetpaint talks to Bianca, the Carver twins and Holland about S3b


Basically: Bianca can't spoil where her character is going, but she's really excited about it. Max(?) says Aiden and Lydia are still hot and heavy, Holland begs to differ, says that she WISHES she had more romantic scenes because right now all she does is snark at him, but there's no time for more of that stuff because there's already too many plotlines going on, smh. Neither of them gave any definite answers on whether there was a triangle with Stiles. The twins are maybe looking for a pack?? Lydia is  kind of Stiles' sidekick, trying to help with all the new mysteries. The show is moving away from high school plotlines, mostly only used for crime scenes at this point. Lydia maybe puts up a wall because of some new girl in town.

video can't embed, watch at Wetpaint

I continue to be very worried about the upcoming episodes
Tags: teen wolf (mtv)
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