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(5 out of) 25 Totally Unnecessary Spin-Offs

How I Met Your Father (CBS)
Spun Off From: How I Met Your Mother

The project is only in the development stage right now, but it shouldn't be. At all. We weren't really asking for a direct spin-off in the first place following one character, but the proposed plot — centered on a new group of friends with a female character searching for her future husband — is lazy and insulting to HIMYM's once imaginative concept. Not to mention, unlike HIMYM's cliché-subverting lead in Ted, a girl looking for love is as rom-com trite as it comes. Wait for it? No thanks.

The Walking Dead Spin-Off (Working Title) (AMC)
Spun Off From: The Walking Dead

When AMC first announced its upcoming Walking Dead "companion" series, we couldn't help but laugh, especially when network boss Charlie Collier called it a "no-brainer." Doesn't the flagship series have enough characters? What's next, a zombie apocalypse network? (They could call it Z!) Let's face it: The reason that Walking Dead is such appointment television is because it tells a psychologically compelling story that is unique in the current TV landscape. Trying to duplicate that formula will just dilute the brand's impact and be, well, overkill.

Joey (NBC)
Spun Off From: Friends

We can understand NBC wanting to continue Friends somehow, but following Joey to Los Angeles as he pursued his acting career was misguided. Joey's lovable, womanizing and dim-witted ways worked so well on Friends because he was playing off the rest of the gang, and his moo points came in small doses. But asking him to front a show, backed by the blandness of Paulo Costanzo's Michael and aggressiveness of Drea de Matteo's Gina, was a recipe for disaster. The show earned a second season, but NBC pulled it mid-run and never aired its final eight episodes.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC)
Spun Off From: Once Upon a Time

Originally conceived as limited series to bridge the two halves of OUAT's third season, Wonderland features almost entirely new characters and chronicles Alice's journey down the rabbit hole to reunite with her love, Cyrus. While there will be the (very rare) appearance from a Once character, the biggest tie between the two series is simply their titles. So why have it be a spin-off at all? There's no reason an Alice arc couldn't have just been a part of the mothership.

Better Call Saul (AMC)
Spun Off From: Breaking Bad
Although AMC is still mulling this project, given how Breaking Bad's final episodes dominated the pop culture conversation, it's almost certain to make it to air. And while we love Bob Odenkirk's sleazy lawyer, and have tons of trust in the creative team (including Bad creator Vince Gilligan), we just can't get excited for this prequel series. Saul worked best as much-needed comic relief in Breaking Bad's tensest moments. Without knowing exactly what the show will offer, it's hard to imagine shifting him into the protagonist role and building the same kind of drama. But most of all (and like with many other entries on this list) we just fear this show becoming an ugly footnote forever attached to an otherwise great series.

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