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Tom Hiddleston Breaks Into Tears At His Last Marvel Red Carpet

Have you ever seen a Loki cry? When MTV News tracked down Tom Hiddleston at last night's "Thor: The Dark World" red carpet in Los Angeles, we witnessed the rarest sight in all the Nine Realms: a god breaking down into tears.

...But since it was Loki, they were mock tears, as News' Josh Horowitz noted that this might be Hiddleston's last Marvel red carpet, ever -- particularly considering Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige has said there are no immediate plans for the trickster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Oh man, I hadn't thought about until you told me," Hiddleston said, a bit of The Tesseract seeming to get caught in the corner of his eye. Pulling himself together, Hiddleston continued that, "I just really miss it, man. You know, it's been, like, a really good time. You made me cry!"

Okay, fine, so it all turned out to be one of Laufeyson's many illusions -- Hiddleston was just joking with Horowitz. But on a slightly more serious/wistful note, Hiddleston said, "It's been absolutely above and beyond my wildest dreams. I got cast four years ago. I came out to LA with some money I earned from British TV in my pocket, I did some auditions, and one of them was for Kenneth Branagh's Thor. Being Loki has changed my life."

"Thor: The Dark World" is in theaters this Friday.

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