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Here It Is!!! Oprah's Favorite Things 2013!!!

"This is the ultimate, ultimate list of my Favorite Things," says Oprah. Why? Because no matter who's on your holiday list, you'll find everything from the whimsical stocking stuffer to the over-the-top indulgence.

Custom Illustrated Pillow

Creature Comfort
"Send in a photo of your pet, and this company will create a hand-drawn illustration of her, print it on a Belgian linen case and use it to cover a goose down pillow."—Oprah
Originally $395, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH |
Truffle Risotto
Rice to Riches
"If you are Rita Wilson, stop reading now. Everyone else: This engraved wood box is filled with the ingredients for a decadent black truffle risotto—including Carnaroli rice and a 60-gram black truffle—carefully curated by Per Se chef Thomas Keller. It's my present for Rita this year."—Oprah
Qooq Touch Kitchen Tablet
Kitchen Confidential
"I'm a refrigerator chef—I cook whatever I have on hand. That's why I think the Qooq touch tablet is fantastic: It's loaded with 1,000 recipes searchable by ingredient, with videos that show exactly how that cream sauce is supposed to look."—Oprah
$399 |
Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses
Worth a Shot
"I prefer my tequila chased with salt and lime, and these shot glasses—carved from high-quality Himalayan salt—are perfect, no extra salt necessary."—Oprah
Originally $45 for a set of 6, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH |
Chocolate Nativity Scene
Sweet Jesus
"Even Mr. Hanukkah, Adam Glassman, is in love with this endearingly simple Nativity scene. In a delicious twist, each hand-decorated figure is edible, with a chocolate-covered cherry cordial at the center."—Oprah
$35, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH |

The rest of the list is at the source.

So what do u think ONTD? Auntie O seems to rly like truffles. Will u be getting any of these items for ur friends and family? Is there anything on the list that u want for Christmas or Hanukah? Will u be shopping on black friday? What r ur plans for the holiday season? Let's discuss in the replies.
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