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Madonna's Top Music Video Boy Toys

Did someone mention Tony Ward? Oh right, that was us. It’s a Monday morning, so we were thinking about him again, naturally. Was he ever hotter than in Madonna’s “Justify My Love” video? Speaking of the Queen, it goes without saying that Madonna has made some of the best music videos in the last 30 years. From boyfriends to backup dancers, she has shared the video screen with some fine men. From “Burning Up“ to “Girl Gone Wild” we list Madonna’s top music video boy toys.
1. ”Justify My Love”

Tony Ward is not only the hottest man ever to appear in a Madonna video, he’s one of the hottest men to ever walk the face of the earth! Now a fashion model icon, Tony Ward was a discovered when fetish-art photographer, Rick Castro saw his nude pictorial in the gay porn magazine In Touch and got him started in fashion modeling. Ward and Madonna were an item in the early 1990s and that’s Tony’s delicious jock-strapped butt Madonna is munching on in her Sex book. Tony also appeared in the Cherish and Erotica videos and has referred to Madonna as his, “mother/lover/teacher/friend/bitch/liar/goddess/student/ poetess/angel//broken-heart/inspiration/intrigue and human awe.” Gee, is that all?

9. ”Hung Up”

Just over two minutes into Madonna’s video for Hung Up, Daniel “Cloud” Campos shows up as the disco-dancing Asian waiter and I no longer needed dipping sauce for my egg role… if you know what I mean.

Although his Hung Up dancing scene lasts only 15 seconds, Madonna clearly took a liking to Cloud. He’s also featured in her “Sorry” and “Get Together“ videos and was a dancer in her “Re-invention” and “Confessions” Tours. Break me off a piece of that fortune cookie!

10. Tie: “Take a Bow” and “You’ll See”
“Take a Bow”

“Just stick it in!” appears to be the videos over-arching theme for Madonna’s longest chart-topping number one hit. Piercing pin pricks and impaled bull swords become metaphor as the plot sees Madonna playing neglected lover to real-life Spanish bullfighter Emilio Muñoz.

“You’ll See”

16. ”The Power of Goodbye”

Does anyone really think Madonna knows how to play chess? Who cares. Madonna teams up with Croatian actor and ER alum Goran Visnjic for a steamy game of checkmate.

Don't tell me, Beautiful Stranger, Like A Prayer, Human Nature, Bad Girl and other iconic videos at the SOURCE

No Celebration video with Jesus Luz?:(
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